Our Story

Founded in 1920, Cave Hill Resort was built by the Pach family after emigrating from Poland. What started as a small ranch with farm animals and veggies, shortly thereafter became a resort complete with a dining hall, kitchen, and cabins.

Cave Hill was designed to be a haven away from the regular hurriedness of our everyday lives, and we continue to stick to that mission today.

The Pach family had 9 children who all worked together to cook meals daily for guests, maintain grounds and cabins, and establish the resort as a family-fun destination.

By 1939, the family built our longest standing attraction: a 40 x 100 foot swimming pool. The resort went on to be run by three of the Pach children: Joseph and Anne Pach, and Helen Pach Gamberale.

While the scenery and world we live in has changed, the values at Cave Hill have stayed the same: family, fun, and tradition.

Now over 100 years later, Cave Hill is run and operated by the same family, brother and sister Jim and JoAnn Gamberale, and their families.

Every year we welcome guests back to the resort to enjoy and relish in another summer of family traditions.


Our mission is to provide a rustic, family-friendly atmosphere that captures life’s simple pleasures. At Cave Hill Resort, our goal is to make your family feel like part of our family.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

All our best,
JoAnn & Jim

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